Pretoria: 23 April 2019. Dr Chris Giezing joined a panel of two life coaches and Medi-Lean doctors in the kykNet reality programme, Vet Kans (literally translated as “Fat Chance”), which was launched toward the end of last year. It followed the weight loss journey of six contestants who were determined to change their lives by losing 20kg to 40kg. The person who lost the most fat as a percentage of their total body mass, was appointed as the winner.

Contestants followed the Medi-Lean Weight Loss Program over a period of 16 weeks. Medi-Lean is a medical weight loss program that may only be prescribed by doctors. Its focus is based on weight loss, preventative medicine and general wellbeing to ensure long-term results.

A panel of two life coaches and Medi-Lean doctors assisted and supported the contestants on this emotional, physical and psychological rollercoaster ride to a healthier lifestyle and a positive outlook on life. Dr Chris introduced weight loss in his practice in 2000, as he believes in a holistic approach which incorporates face, figure and vigour. Weight loss is essential for a healthy body, mind, mood and overall wellbeing.

Dr Chris said that it was a great experience to meet the contestants and customise their specific treatments through the Medi-Lean Weight Loss Program. The contestants were enthused by his personal interest and care throughout the competition. “The positive influence and support of others on the panel made a profound difference in each individual as the transformation was both physical and psychological. No person should be weighed down by fat, let the Medi-Lean Weight Loss Program take the weight of your mind and body.”


Dr Chris Giezing is the founder of Aesthetic Lab, a Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Pretoria. He is also the founder of Medskills, an aesthetic medicine training academy for professionals. To find out more about the Medi-Lean Weight Loss Program featured on Vet Kans, visit


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