Pretoria: 27 August 2018. Gynaecologic aesthetics has come a long way from being a taboo subject to becoming one of 2018’s hottest topics in aesthetic medicine.


Dr Chris Giezing from Aesthetic Lab sheds some light on the procedures, benefits and drastic advancements in gynaecological aesthetics as a specialist discipline of aesthetic medicine.

Dr Chris says that gynaecologic aesthetics is an established practice as fillers have been injected into vaginas for some years now. Many European registered types of filler are specifically formulated for this use. Platelet rich plasma is injected into the vaginal wall and into the area surrounding the clitoris (the O-shot). Various bleaching solutions remove pigmentation in the intimate areas.


The BTL Emsella – a solution for stress incontinence

Most of his patients enquire about solutions for stress incontinence. Symptoms might vary from a fairly mild discomfort or slight urinary leak during exercise to a more severe scenario where a patient might even experience a leak when sneezing. In his experience many women over the age of 40 (especially those who had children), suffer from this condition.

The FDA approved BTL Emsella – or the electric chair as it is often dubbed – is typically the first avenue in his approach to resolving this condition. “The ‘Em’ is short for electromagnetic while ‘sella’ is the Greek word for chair. For this treatment a fully clothed patient sits on the chair for 28 minutes while the penetration of high intensity focused electromagnetic energy stimulates the muscles of the entire pelvic floor,” he explained.

This process re-educates the muscles similarly to Kegel exercises. However, a single session will contract the pelvic floor 11 200 times which is equivalent to 11 200 Kegel exercises! The procedure is painless and restores neuromuscular control with a reported satisfaction rate of 95%. As a rule, six treatments are done over a three-week period. The patients experience no discomfort, require no recovery down-time and experience both immediate and on-going results. Some patients report a tightening of the vaginal canal after their course of treatments – definitely a fortuitous bonus!

The BTL Ultra-Femme 360 – a solution to the laxity of the vaginal wall

Another big concern for patients is laxity of the vaginal wall. Dr Chris uses the BTL Ultra Femme 360 device which utilises radiofrequency to heat the tissue in order to stimulate collagen synthesis. It is a safe and effective non-surgical solution for complete vaginal rejuvenation. It can be utilised to tighten and reduce labia, contract the vaginal opening and tighten the vaginal canal. The treatment enhances blood flow to the vagina which will typically enhance lubrication and improve sensation.

The outcome of all of the above is an enhancement of sexual pleasure and a greatly improved ability to reach orgasm. Many patients also report a reduction of incontinence symptoms. Studies on this treatment methodology show that 80% of patients reported an improvement in appearance while 60% reported significant improvement in sexual satisfaction.

There is no down-time recovery period – patients are merely asked to refrain from intercourse for seven days following the treatment.

Dr Chris says, “I find it fulfilling to experience the soar in a woman’s confidence when the structure of the female genitalia is restored, thus resulting in increased functionality of the pelvic region.”

About Aesthetic Lab:

Dr Chris Giezing is the founder of Aesthetic Lab, a Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Pretoria. He is also the founder of Medskills, an aesthetic medicine training academy for professionals. For more information on the treatments discussed in this article, visit



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