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Life has progressed on so many levels, with both technology and medical procedures allowing anyone to become anyone else. However, why is that so many people still consider aesthetic procedures as taboo? Many people swear high and low that they haven’t received any aesthetic procedures, or that they will never get any aesthetic procedures done. Aesthetic Lab believes that everyone is entitled to freedom of choice. We just don't want you to believe myths that hinder you from seeking treatment for insecurities we can assist with. We have a few aesthetic myths that we want to share with you and debunk after many years in this industry and seeing hundreds upon thousands of clients collectively who have many of the same questions, insecurities and misinformation

Aesthetic procedures will leave me looking like a feature on “Botched”

Picture of a lady with many different aesthetically enhanced features

This is both true and false. All aesthetic procedures are not the same. All aesthetic service providers are not the same. For this reason, cheapest is not best and neither does most expensive treatment facility equate to the best service. Do your homework. Visit a reputable facility with aestheticians who have a trustworthy track record. You need to trust your aesthetician, not only to do no harm, but also to provide the treatment in such as way as to enhance your natural beauty,. Most aestheticians won’t try to go as much or as extensive as possible when providing treatments. While it’s undeniable that some people have an overdone look on their face – these are usually caused by excessive procedures. A credible clinic will always first assess your condition to identify the right treatments required, and how many sessions you actually need for natural, subtle and fresh results.

Aesthetic procedures are only for the rich and influential

As aesthetic procedures have gained popularity over the past few years, it is no longer necessary to earn copious amounts of money or to be sponsored in order to enjoy the benefits of aesthetics. Aesthetic treatments are priced to suit the working class who wants to invest in themselves and spend some of their income in order to treat themselves. Many working moms and professional businessmen have been through our doors in order to invest in themselves. Aesthetic procedures can be adapted to suit your budget - aesthetic myth, debunked.

Aesthetic procedures will decrease my natural beauty

Many say that they have earned their laugh lines or that the deep crease between their eyes tells a story. While it is any person’s prerogative to look the way they would want to look, aestheticians don’t want to mask your emotions and / or freeze your face. If this is the look you want, we are sure there are treatment facilities who will assist in freezing your face into zero emotion. At Aesthetic Lab we are committed to helping people become what they envision without losing their authenticity. Aesthetic myth debunked.

Aesthetic procedures should never be a risk you are willing (or not) willing to take. It should be regarded as a method of self-care, which is very important and necessary for many reasons. And while it is not the only method of self-care out there, it is a method that has been tried and trusted by many people who have gained confidence through the process.

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