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We have a new visitor, and she is here to stay. Bid a warm welcome to “Profhilo”, a relatively new and non-invasive treatment in the world of aesthetics. In the short time that Profhilo has been around, it has caused a stir by providing the promise of younger-looking, glowing skin. So, what is Profhilo? How does this seemingly wonderful treatment work and what are the benefits?

Introducing our Visitor – What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is an injectable treatment that can be used on certain areas of the body to improve skin quality, to make you look rejuvenated and more youthful. Profhilo uses hyaluronic acid to give your skin great texture , increase brightness, and reduce sagging areas.

How is Profhilo different from Fillers?

At Aesthetic Lab we have received many enquiries surrounding our new service offering, the main one being, “but how is Profhilo different from fillers?”. This is a good question. Even though the two treatments are similar in the sense that both involve injecting hyaluronic acid into the target area, Profhilo doesn’t provide the volume that fillers provide, and it isn’t aimed at changing the structure of your face. Profhilo focuses on rehydrating the skin and making it appear more radiant. When you come to Aesthetic Lab for your Profhilo treatment, we will inject hyaluronic acid, in a gel-like substance, into several different Profhilo injection points within the target area. This isn’t painful; however, you may feel a stinging sensation for approximately 90 seconds per injection.

More about this Visitor – How does it work?

So, on an easy-to-understand scientific level, Profhilo works by going below the surface of your skin, spreading out and taking hold of the moisture found within your skin. It therefore conditions your skin from the inside out. Added benefits of Profhilo are that it boosts elastin and collagen production, and we all know that we naturally lose collagen when the clock hits 25 years of age. Therefore, Profhilo provides smoother, younger looking skin. We advise that you have more than one round of Profhilo, with your second round being one month after your first, so that you can see the full results after about two months. The more you come for your Profhilo treatment, recommended to be every six months, the better the results.

What are the side effects?

While Profhilo provides no downtime, there may be some redness and lumpiness at the area that was treated, however, this will subside within 24 hours. While you may cover up the areas treated with a scarf or a polo neck sweater, we do advise you not to wear make up for the remainder of the day as to avoid any irritation in the injected areas.

Your skin is unavoidably the first thing that people notice when they look at you – after all, it is your largest organ. So, when it changes, it is noticeable to you and to those around you. Profhilo allows you to reduce the signs of aging in a graceful manner, without changing the structure of your face. Aesthetic Lab Hazelwood is very excited about our new visitor, and from the feedback that we have received from our clients who we appreciate so much, our visitor is welcome to stay. For more information on Profhilo, watch this informative video by our very own Dr Chris.

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