Brotox is a loose term that’s used to define Botox for males, but it has come to include treatments that will enhance male beauty including particularly jawline definition and chin treatments. We combine all the treatments that might enhance male beauty focusing a lot on expanding and elongating the chin and widening the jawline to better male proportion.
Treatments applicable to male beauty may include, but is not limited to Botox, Fillers, Threads, Skincare, Weight loss, and more.

“Why are more men looking at Brotox to counter ageing effects? The days when grey power ruled the world are long gone. Men want to look good and sleek while still ruling from the power seats professionally.” – Dr Chris Giezing

More men seek enhancements of their facial features.

Why? It is quite simple: they want to look more masculine. The general opinion is that there are some features that will make you drop dead gorgeous: a prominent jaw, jutting chin, thick and horizontal brows, high and angular cheekbones and full lips.