Dr Hildegardt Raubenheimer 

Dr Hilla is a GP with a special interest in Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine. She qualified as medical doctor from the University of Stellenbosch in 2004. She started her training in Aesthetic Medicine in 2012 when she completed a Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine through the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. She completed the Advanced Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine through Foundation of Professional Development of South Africa and attended extensive training through Medskills Training Academy. In addition, she has attended Integrative Medicine training through the Golding Institute and continues to up skill herself in the fast-evolving field of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Hilla has an intense interest and a true passion for the beauty of the human face. Her passion for aesthetic medicine was born out of her love for art. She believes that aesthetic medicine is a perfect marriage between science and art and always wanted to integrate her medical practice as a doctor with her inner natural artist. She believes that when practicing Aesthetic Medicine, one has to have a good Artistic Acumen and respect for natural anatomy and physiology. She prides herself in having an intricate eye for detail which allows her to give her patients balanced, elegant and natural results.

Dr Hilla calls this her “soul-work”. She takes responsibility and time for addressing each individual’s concerns, needs and fears in order to act as your aesthetic steward. The most reward comes not only from seeing beautiful results in patients’ faces but in the positive change she sees in patient’s self-image, esteem, confidence and lift in their spirit. “My aim is not to change your face but to prevent the aging process from changing your face for as long as possible.”

To Dr Hilla the Peacock in Aesthetic Lab Logo is a reminder to step into your best self, put yourself out there, connect with others by being nothing but your true self and perform at your best. This is her hope for each patient she works with.

Prior to immersing herself into the field of Aesthetic Medicine Dr Hilla worked as Senior Medical Officer onboard the biggest cruise ships in the world for Royal Caribbean International managing medical facilities and saving lives at sea. This leadership role has afforded her the opportunity to work within a culturally diverse community, with people from all walks of life within a high-end hospitality industry.

After hours Dr Hilla remains intrigued with faces and paints portraiture in oils and acrylics. You will find some of her artwork on the walls of Aesthetic Lab Cape Town.

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