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Co-owner and Medical Practitioner specialising in aesthetic medicine at Aesthetic Lab, Hazelwood

Dr Chris Giezing has distinguished himself as one of South Africa’s leading physicians in aesthetic medicine and a pioneer in the field.

His body of work spans more than two decades in the pursuit of enhancing the lives of patients using treatments at the forefront of aesthetic medicine.

A strong proponent of medical innovation, Dr Giezing has an insatiable passion for helping people feel comfortable in their skin through the least invasive techniques and treatments.

Dr Giezing’s dream of helping people become the best versions of themselves came to fruition when he opened one of the first fully-fledged aesthetic clinics in South Africa in 2003. He has since expanded the clinic’s footprint to other parts of South Africa. Dr Chris’ framework for medical aesthetics and anti-ageing is based on a 3D facial, -body and -wellness model. His 3D facial approach entails the key pillars of beauty: shape, proportion, focal points and light reflection.

Dr Giezing believes that optimised skincare must be the backbone of facial aesthetics and as such incorporates a variety of skin-enhancing procedures in his treatments (chemical peels, micro- needling, PRP, skin boosters, and thermo-mechanical applications.)

He is a firm believer in ploughing back the knowledge he has gained over the years, training the next generation of aesthetic practitioners through the independent Medskills Training Academy. Dr Giezing believes that aesthetic medicine should integrate art and medicine using this as a core principle.

He is a regular speaker at conferences and for aesthetic companies and writes for various publications in his chosen fields. Dr Giezing is one of the founder members of the Aesthetic and Anti- Ageing Medicine Society of South Africa and the Allergan Medical institute in SA. He has also been a key opinion leader for the Galderma filler portfolio, Croma, Genop and Ipsen.

Dr Chris is a zealous innovator with great passion and enthusiasm regarding the field of medical aesthetics.