We know that while sitting at home during lockdown, taking care of your skin may not feel like a priority. However, due to the fact that most people are exercising less, and (dare we say) eating a bit more, it’s important to keep your skincare routine on track.

We spoke to aesthetic skin care specialist at Aesthetic Lab and Geneway practitioner Heleen Marx, for some advice.

Three skincare steps you should definitely not skip on:

  1. Stick to your cleansing routine.
    Cleanse every morning and evening as you normally would. Use a concentrated serum that will stimulate the skin on a daily basis. Moisturize and apply your sunblock.
  2. Keep wearing sunblock
    Even though you are not going out as much, sunblock is still recommended, preferably a SPF 50. Wear a SPF with a blue light filter as this protects your skin from some of the harmful rays that are emitted by televisions and laptops. This is particularly important for people who suffer from pigmentation but valuable for everyone.
  3. Vitamin C is more important now than ever before.
    Very few people eat enough vitamin C content for this to reach the skin. Vitamin C serums with small vitamin C molecules that can reach the dermis are particularly helpful. These help to protect the skin against harmful free radicals which age your skin prematurely. We recommend the Vitamin C Serum by PH Formula.

The most important ingredients to add to your skincare regime right now include…
Vitamin A and Retinol and stimulate collagen production and treat fine lines, aging and pigmentation. Everyone living in SA has a form of dermal pigmentation, that you can’t see with the naked eye, which is why we recommend products with these ingredients. Rather be proactive and avoid the risk.

Is it a good time to take a make-up holiday?
This depends on the person, but it is a good time to give the skin a break from the extra pressure that make up adds. A tinted SPF is a great alternative to a full coverage foundation. Why not try experimenting with light make-up during this time?

More about Geneway.
The Geneway DNA test tells you a lot about your skin’s unique attributes, such as your body’s ability to generate Collagen, which give us an indication of how quickly you will show signs of aging, and how much collagen you need to add to your diet or use via products. This test also provides scientific information about your body’s relationship with Vitamin A, as well as your pigmentation tendency, your oil control, and healing ability.

“Skincare concerns are seldom treated in isolation. We use the information provided by your DNA test, together with and 3D facial analysis to see inside the dermis and a physical consultation to work out a personalized skin care plan that takes all of this, and your lifestyle, into account,” explained Heleen.

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