As men are increasingly embracing cosmetic penile enhancement, we are championing non-surgical procedures. One of the most popular methods is penis fillers which are designed to increase the organ’s girth.

The procedure can assist in both performance and appearance by increasing the girth of the penis. Men and their partners will see a noticeable difference in size which will enhance sexual performance, by making contact with erogenous tissue.

Penis enlargement using hyaluronic acid injections provides quick results, is safe, minimally invasive.

This procedure has several positives compared to the surgical option. The surgical option often sees the men lose a bit of ‘lift’ while this procedure doesn’t affect the erection. The filler doesn’t affect the strength of the erection, and although it doesn’t add length to the penis, it does increase the girth. Our patients say they can feel the weight which is a major positive for them.

We recommend that patients refrain from sex for up to a week to recover from the injections. While the procedure is available for all sizes and lengths, the ideal candidates are men with relative length.

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