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"In my time I have come to wonder about the true nature and essence of beauty. To consider all parts thereof and yet still be able to perceive the whole. This has been my life’s work. To interpret that experience has been my purpose, unwaveringly. Aesthetics in its entirety can be considered a science, where the rationalism about beauty is the view that the discernment thereof, are the judgements of reason. In this there is a commitment, dedication rather, to create and form. Yet, I’ve come to believe that it’s so much more..."

|  Dr Chris Giezing

Medical Practitioner with a special interest in Aesthetic Medicine.

"After more than two decades of working, learning and growing in the cutting-edge field of nonsurgical medical aesthetics, I know this exciting field is ever changing and revolving

For much of my career I have focussed on enhancing the lives of patients using treatments at the forefront of aesthetic medicine, integrating art and medicine as a core principle. As a strong proponent of medical innovation, I have always had a passion for helping people feel comfortable in their skin, and I’m glad to be able to continue making progress by relying on the least invasive techniques and treatments.

Eager to assist people in becoming the best versions of themselves, I took a big step forward in the early stages of my career when we opened one of the first fully-fledged aesthetic clinics in South Africa in 2003. We were later able to expand the clinic’s footprint to other parts of South Africa, basing our medical aesthetics and anti-ageing framework on a 3D facial, body and wellness model.

Through my career I have learned that optimised skin treatments are the backbone of facial aesthetics, and our approach incorporates a variety of skin-enhancing procedures.

I’m a firm believer in ploughing back the knowledge I have gained over the years, and I have become passionate about training the next generation of aesthetic practitioners through the independent Medskills Training Academy.

Aside from being one of the founder members of the Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine Society of South Africa and the Allergan Medical institute in SA, I was a key opinion leader for the Galderma, Croma, Genop, Acino and Allergan."

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